‘Slice’ Pizza Franchise Open Flagship Store in Cardiff


With a taste for culture Cardiff is always hungry for new ideas, especially when it comes to food! For this reason Slice, the newest pizza franchise brand to tickle our taste buds, decided to open their first of many stores in the city, set to fling open its doors on Albany Road at the beginning of April.
Slice Pizza 2Selling high quality pizza made from the freshest of ingredients & hand-stretched dough, Slice is just what every town needs, a cool brand that sells incredible pizza!

Order Online!

Already encouraging a social media frenzy Slice is very active online, sharing pictures of cheesy pizzas and gearing customers up for the big launch!
Slice’ Marketing Manager says ‘it is our aim to give Cardiff a unique food experience. This is why we are working on various different ordering systems, one being through the use of social media.
We aim to make a community of Slice-lovers online; always keeping customers updated on promotions and deals.
Slice Pizza Cookies

The brains behind the base

With a team of pizza & franchise experts sat at the Slice HQ the pizza company have their sights set high, promising to compete with the big pizza franchises. With strong experience and connections in the pizza franchise industry this team is a food force to be reckoned to be with, made up of some of the biggest names in the industry.
Tej Randeva, the founder of Slice, boasts an impressive portfolio, having worked with some of the most credible food brands in the world, including Domino’s Pizza.
With experience as a Domino’s Pizza franchisee and food chain owner my team has what it takes to take Slice global. Cardiff is simply a small slice of the story.
We have already received a number of franchise applications from hungry entrepreneurs, however we are very selective with our franchisees to ensure each and every franchise is developed inline with the brand standards.

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