New Heidi Theme Park Set to Open in Switzerland in 2020


The park, entitled ‘Heidi Alperlebnis’, hopes to attract an extra 200,000 visitors to the canton of St Gallen.

The attraction will cost in the region of 100 million Swiss francs. It will be located on the mountain resort of Flumserberg.

The strong Swiss franc has deterred German tourists from visiting the region. There has also been a decline in Swiss tourists.

Visitors will access the park from Tannenboden village. Redevelopment plans for the village include a new cable car, underground parking and hotels.

Heidi Alperlebnis is being envisioned as an interactive experience where visitors get to ‘be’ the character. Visitors will milk goats, craft a wooden stool and meet ‘locals’ in a recreation of the 19th century Swiss alpine village.

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